My journey with handicrafts began years ago where I was surrounded with accomplished and creative family who are making astonishing handmade products. Handmade products always give me the feeling of belonging to the art world and there is nothing more beautiful than recognizing ones' creativity specially in art.

I dreamt, planned and nailed my future where I successfully completed my bachelor and master degrees. I gained quiet few skills that helped me in navigating through the world, but there was always this feeling that I was meant for something bigger than entering the rat race matrix. From here, my story began as a handicrafter. I started learning the textile and fabric skills until I fell in love with macrame art. I also started practicing repeatedly because I wanted to master my craft and I am glad that I did. I put a lot of work followed by discipline and patience, covered with self-trust in what I do. This is the formula that got me to where I am today.

After that, I began to learn different designs and work methods, but most importantly, I made designs with my own signature, branded with quality and attention to the smallest details. Making macrame designs is one thing but giving your time to keep crafting new designs and ignoring the pain after working a lot of hours played a lot in mastering what I do.

Every artist has his own space and I recently founded mine with the name 'Knot & Hook JO' where I can show people my well-crafted products. Knot & Hook JO key deliverables are high quality products with affordable prices that can be used on daily basis and not just only for decorative purposes.

My goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams, teach the craft and give back to the community by providing opportunities for women to be part of Knot & Hook JO creative crafters in order to help in securing their livelihood. Additionally, I am aiming to expand the customer base locally and internationally to spark innovations, upgrades, and creativity.

Lina Mahmoud/ CEO